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At Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., partnerships are the backbone of our success. We bring together industry leaders to create synergies that drive tangible results. Our partnerships span across various sectors, enabling us to stay at the forefront of innovation and provide top-notch services. Explore the dynamic collaborations that make Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. a trusted partner to businesses worldwide.

Agoge Global USA and WeDev Group of Brazil

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., announced in December 2022 that its new subsidiary Agoge Global USA, Inc., has partnered with WeDev Group Ltda., a Brazilian innovator in software and blockchain development to facilitate cross-border payments between exporters and importers by utilizing stablecoins and blockchain technology to decrease costs and improve transaction speed. Leveraging the existing platforms and networks of both Agoge Global USA and WeDev, the Company’s management believes this partnership will evolve the current process for US-based importers and Brazilian exporters by reducing payment transaction times from days to hours and significantly reducing the costs to both parties.