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Sparta Commercial Services is a New York City-based technology company founded in 2004. The firm’s initial focus was on providing innovative financing for all types of vehicles to consumers and municipalities. Through its subsidiaries, New World Health Brands, Inc. and iMobile Solutions, Inc., Sparta has since expanded its scope to offer a wide range of products and services at a surprisingly low cost.

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Our Products

New World Health Brands, Inc.


Our NewWorldHealthBrands CBD Logo with the Lotus FlowerNew World Health Brands CBD offers a full array of hemp-derived CBD products that include oils, topical, capsules, tablets, pet and livestock tinctures. At New World Health Brands our goal is not only to deliver the age old healing benefits of CBD but to do it in a way that is fair and honest.

iMobile Solutions, Inc.


iMobileApp brand logo iMobileApp develops mobile applications and websites for a variety of small and growing businesses including: retailers, restaurants and service providers, etc. Our apps provide dynamic connectivity with customers, enabling them to instantly make a dinner reservation or order last minute flowers for an anniversary.

SpecialtyMobileApps brand logo SpecialtyMobileApps offers car dealers, manufacturers, and auction houses customizable mobile applications that operate on all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Kindle Fire. This enables iMobile Solutions clients to interact with their customers in real time: displaying inventory and presenting model and color options, etc.



CycleChex Motorcycle History Reports logo with bike Cyclechex Reports grant instant access to motorcycle history reports. These reports can include VIN decoding, disclosed damage, salvaged or stolen titles, etc. Cyclechex gathers data from several sources including government agencies, and provides the most current information available.

CarVinReports Car History reports logo with Ferrari. For a modest fee, CarVIN subscribers have access to comprehensive car history reports containing information that’s critical to the process of buying a used vehicle. Our CarVIN Report Team is fast becoming one of the most trusted resources for vehicle information in the automobile industry.

RvChecks RV history reports logo with RV. When you purchase a recreational vehicle, you’re not just buying transportation, you’re buying a home – with plumbing, heating, etc. So you’ll want to know everything you can about an RV’s history before you decide to buy. An RVChecks report makes an informed decision possible.

TruckChex Truck History Reports logo with truck. Buying a pre-owned commercial truck involves substantial risk, so it’s wise to be armed with a Truckchex Truck History Report. A small investment in a vehicle’s history could spare a buyer expensive repairs down the road. Or worse, a deadlined truck could mean the loss of business.

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc.

Sparta Municipal Governmental Leasing logo. Sparta specializes in offering a Municipal Lease Purchase Financing (LPF) Program, which allows municipalities to efficiently purchase vital equipment, such as police cruisers, motorcycles, other emergency vehicles, and essential-use equipment, including maintenance or service contracts, without large, up-front cash payments, effectively giving them more purchasing power. Lease purchase financing allows installment lease payments, which can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. As payments are made, the municipality — which maintains ownership of the equipment — builds equity in its investment.

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