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Sparta Commercial Services products and services have been sold in all 50 states and 61 countries around the world.

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., a publically traded company founded in 2004 in New York City, was the first to provide innovative financing nationally for the underserved motorcycle, recreational vehicle and other powersports enthusiasts. In 2006, we implemented affordable financial lease package plans for local and state municipalities to meet their vehicle and essential equipment demands. The addition of subsidiaries iMobile Solutions, Inc., and New World Health Brands, Inc., as well the introduction of new product and service lines, SpartaPayIQ and ZooZilo, demonstrate Sparta’s ability to expand and grow where an opportunity in the marketplace allows for Sparta to meet the needs and priorities of its customers. With that in mind, Agoge Global USA has been created and a new partnership established with WeDev Group of Brazil.

Sparta Municipal Financing


Sparta specializes in offering a Municipal Lease Purchase Financing (LPF) Program, which allows municipalities to efficiently purchase vital equipment, such as police cruisers, motorcycles, other emergency vehicles, and essential-use equipment, including maintenance or service contracts, without large, up-front cash payments, effectively giving them more purchasing power. Lease purchase financing allows installment lease payments, which can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. As payments are made, the municipality — which maintains ownership of the equipment — builds equity in its investment.

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iMobileApp develops and services mobile applications and websites for a wide clientele, from small and growing businesses to medium-size companies and state agencies and departments. They include retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, recreational and social clubs, sports and entertainment venues, and service providers, among others Our apps provide dynamic connectivity with customers, enabling them to instantly make a dinner reservation, place an online order or even purchase last minute flowers for an anniversary.

Vehicle History Reports

Check With Us Before You Buy Anything With Wheels

…Because What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

Cyclechex Motorcycle History Reports

Motorcycle History Reports

Cyclechex Reports grant instant access to motorcycle history reports. These reports can include VIN decoding, disclosed damage, salvaged or stolen titles, etc. Cyclechex gathers data from several sources, and provide the most current information available.


Commercial Truck History Reports

Buying a pre-owned commercial truck involves risk, so it’s wise to be armed with a Truckchex Truck History Report. A small investment in a vehicle’s history could spare a buyer expensive repairs down the road. Or worse, it could mean the loss of business.


RV History Reports

When you purchase an RV, you’re not just buying transportation, you’re buying a home with plumbing, heating, etc. So you’ll want to know everything about an RV’s history before you decide to buy. An RVChex report makes an informed decision possible.

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The Crypto Payment Solution For Your Business

SpartaPayIQ™ gives your customers the ability to pay with Crypto Currencies as payment while your business gets funded in USD.



Premium Wellness Products

New World Health Brands offers top-quality supplements that deliver the most nutrients in amounts designed to provide for a person’s best overall health.

ZooZilo Essentials for the Everyday Adventurer

ZooZilo Online Store

Essentials for the Everyday Adventurer

Explore ZooZilo's collection of high-quality products that are chosen to enhance your everyday outings, whether you're exploring city streets or the great outdoors.


Agoge Global USA and WeDev Group of Brazil

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., announced in December 2022 that its new subsidiary Agoge Global USA, Inc., has partnered with WeDev Group Ltda., a Brazilian innovator in software and blockchain development to facilitate cross-border payments between exporters and importers by utilizing stablecoins and blockchain technology to decrease costs and improve transaction speed. Leveraging the existing platforms and networks of both Agoge Global USA and WeDev, the Company’s management believes this partnership will evolve the current process for US-based importers and Brazilian exporters by reducing payment transaction times from days to hours and significantly reducing the costs to both parties.