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Sparta Commercial Services Litigation Against DZ Bank to Proceed to Discovery

NEW YORK, NY, Aug 14, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (otcqb:SRCO) today announced that the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has upheld the company's right to proceed on its claim for breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing against the New York branch of DZ Bank, one of the largest banks in Germany. read more

SEC Filing & Stock Information

Investor Relations To see and search to public filings within the Securities and Exchange Commission website click the link below. The listing will open a new window. U.S. Securities & Exchange Commision​ XBRL Filings 9-Month Period Ending January 31, 2013 - XBRL_Instance_Document_01-31-2013.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Calculation_Linkbase_01-31-2013.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Definition_Linkbase_01-31-2013.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Label_Linkbase_01-31-2013.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Presentation_Linkbase_01-31-2013.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Schema_01-31-2013.xsd 6-Month Period Ending October 31, 2012 - XBRL_Instance_Document_10-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Calculation_Linkbase_10-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Definition_Linkbase_10-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Label_Linkbase_10-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Presentation_Linkbase_10-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Schema_10-31-2012.xsd 3-Month Period Ending July 31, 2012 - XBRL_Instance_Document_07-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Schema_07-31-2012.xsd - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Calculation_Linkbase_07-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Definition_Linkbase_07-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Label_Linkbase_07-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Presentation_Linkbase_07-31-2012.xml Fiscal Year Ending April 30, 2012 - XBRL_Instance_Document_20120430.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Schema_20120430.xsd - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Calculation_Linkbase_20120430.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Definition_Linkbase_20120430.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Label_Linkbase_20120430.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Presentation_Linkbase_20120430.xml 9-Month Period Ending January 1, 2012 - XBRL_Instance_Document_01-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Schema_01-31-2012.xsd - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Calculation_Linkbase_01-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Definition_Linkbase_01-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Label_Linkbase_01-31-2012.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Presentation_Linkbase_01-31-2012.xml 6-Month Period Ending October 31, 2011 - XBRL_Instance_Document.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Schema.xsd - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Calculation_Linkbase.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Definition_Linkbase.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Label_Linkbase.xml - XBRL_Taxonomy_Extension_Presentation_Linkbase.xml

Sparta Commercial Adds Lien Information to Its Vehicle History Reports

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 30, 2013) - Specialty Reports, Inc. (SRI), a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (OTCQB: SRCO), announced today that Cyclechex Motorcycle History Reports and RVChecks Recreational Vehicle History Reports will begin to include lien information. read more

Sparta Commercial Sees Continued Gains in Domestic and Global Sales of Its Online Vehicle History Reports

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - Specialty Reports, Inc. (SRI), a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., (OTCQB: SRCO) announced today that its Online Vehicle History Reports Group has achieved a year-over-year increase of 15.83% in online sales of its combined Cyclechex ( and RVchecks ( vehicle history reports for the full year ending June 30, 2012, over the full year ending June 30, 2013. read more