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Job description

The project consists of developing an application as a micro service. Which will take in end-user data and multiple forms of input. The data needs to be pre-processed and cleaned before being loaded to our classified ads system (the system). The code will need to be documented and must follow object-oriented programming practices. Will work closely with UI/UX member.

The data will need to be queued before being loaded into the system. The micro service will need to record user activity, such as password changes, login activity, upload log, users’ errors, and upload errors. 



Preliminary System Requirements: 

  • Notify users and account managers when the data is loaded and processed
  • Notify users, managers, and admin when the system encounters errors
  • Needs to be developed with the most current security standards 
  • Needs to be developed following best object-oriented practices
  • Admins will be able to activate, suspend, and delete accounts
  • User will be able to get reports of classified ads loaded
  • API access, which will allow users to load items to the classified ads database
  • The API will process updates from third-party inventories
  • The API will be accessed via a token authentication system, which will be accessible based on user permissions matrix.

Preferred Platform: WordPress plugin 


  • Know how to process form data
  • Experience in API development.
  • Experience with AWS
  • Excellent communication skills
  • LNMP stack familiarity
  • Experience with WordPress and plugin development 3+ years
  • MYSQL experience needed
  • NGINX experience needed
  • Must be comfortable using CRUD.

Responsibilities of the Full Stack Developer 

Ideate software with the development team and product management. 

Build front-end of applications that will be inspiring and visually appealing. 

Develop, integrate, and manage databases and back-end applications. 

Design micro-service server side and client-side architecture. 

Test software to ensure efficiency and responsiveness. 

Debug, and troubleshooting software when required. 

Writing APIs when required. It should be efficient. 

Ensure data security and protection settings.